Some Reproductive Characteristics of Honamlı Goats

Hayri Topbaş, Birol Dağ


This study was carried out to investigate the some reroduction chareacteristics of  Honamlı goat breed which are rearing commonly in Taurus mountains in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The materials of the study was formed with the five years records from 2011 to 2016 of 27 flocks (average 220 bucks and 4400 does) chosen from 36 flocks with in the scope of National Public Small Ruminant Improvement Project, which was raised under extensive conditions in Beyşehir and Derebucak districts of Konya. At the end of the research; kidding rate, survival rate, twin birth rate, fecundity, litter size and the averages for birth weight, weaning weight and daily weight gains for the five consecutive years were found as 85%,87%,15%,0.94,1.10,3.64 kg,19.14 kg,0.180 kg respectively. Effects of farm, birth type and gender on live weights and daily weight gains were found to be statistically significant (P<0.01).

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