Agronomic Characteristics of Domestic and Abroad Originated Lentil Genotypes

Furkan Ulukuş, Mustafa Önder


This research was established under the ecological conditions of Nevşehir in the Central Anatolia Region, whereby lentil agriculture is practiced in Turkey. Research was carried out in order to reveal the important features of indigenous and exotic lentil genotypes which may be the basis for future breeding studies.  A total of 220 domestic and foreign originated lentil genotypes and 4 varieties (Pul, Yerli Kırmızı, Çağıl, Fırat-87) as standard were grown. Field trial was established on April 10, 2017 according to the Augmented trial design with 5 blocks.According to the results of the research, following ranges were determined; 50% flowering days 46.5-82.00 days, vegetation length 79.85-120.85 days, plant height 17.68-43.99 cm, number of pods per plant 9.21-440.62 pieces, weight of 1000 seed 12.92-78.31 g, seed yield 0.19-35.88 g plant-1 were determined. As a result; the lentil genotypes were found on the morphological and agricultural characteristics of our selected varieties. These superior genotypes can be used as material in breeding studies for future programs.


Breeding; Genetic resource; Introduction; Selection; Yield

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