Determination of Factors Affecting Mastitis in Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss by Using Logistic Regression Analysis

Yasin Altay, Büşra Kılıç, İbrahim Aytekin, İsmail Keskin


The aim of this study was to determine subclinical mastitis with the help of logistic regression of milk quality determined factors and some features the research material consisted of 204 (145 Holstein, 59 Brown Swiss) dairy cattle raised in a private cattle farm in Konya Province, Turkey. The independent variables considered for the detection of subclinical mastitis are breeding, somatic cell number (SCC), color values (L, a, b, H, C), freezing point (FP), pH, electrical conductivity (EC), milking day (MD), lactation order (LO). The dependent variable of logistic regression was CMT score. According to the results of the study, the spescifity was 95.7% and the sensitivity was 57.6%. In general, the predicted value of the accuracy of all data was 83.3%.


Brown Swiss; Holstein; Logistic Regression; Milk Yield; Subclinical Mastitis

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