The Change Of Wear Element In Engine Lubricating Oil In Diesel Engines Using Biofuel

Ayşe Betül Balcı, Hakan Okyay Mengeş


In this study, terebinth methyl ester (biodiesel), diesel and bioethanol fuels were mixed in different ratios volumetrically.  The obtained fuel mixtures, E-B1-M1 (2.5% bioethanol + 2.5% biodiesel + 95% diesel), E-B2-M2 (2.5% bioethanol + 5% biodiesel + 92.5% diesel), E-B3-M3 (2.5% bioethanol + 7.5% biodiesel + 90% diesel),  and M100 (diesel) fuel were tested in a four-stroke and single cylinder diesel engine. Engine tests were performed in 100 hours for each fuel type and samples were taken from the engine lubricating oil at different time periods during the tests (0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 hours). Wear element (Al, Fe, Pb, Cu, Cr) analyzes were performed on the samples. Wear element data of fuel mixtures lubricating oil were compared to diesel fuel. Wear element changes in lubricating oil were investigated.

     As a result of the study, the best result was obtained from E-B3-M3 fuel in the change of wear element in the engine lubricating oil compared to diesel fuel.


Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Engine Lubricating Oil, Wear Element

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