From Climate Change and Biodiversity Towards Sustainable Agriculture

İnci Şahin Negiş, Ali Kahraman


Agriculture is part of the both problem and solution of climatic change besides being one of the most important entire global financial systems. Human pressure on climate is changing quite faster than ever and predicted to irreversible destructions over the world. Strategies for the purposes of environment conservation are focused on nature, atmosphere, soil, and every single component of the organisms. From this perspective, all the living organisms are threatened by climatic effects. The worst affects and extinction have been started to be seen on many endemic species. Climate and biodiversity are under destructive effects of human activities while irreversible affects might be destructive for human as well by the main effects on human health, extinction of species, narrowing on living space, disruption of life balance, changes in climate, ecological problems, natural disasters, exhaustion of natural resources, loss of efficiency and yield etc. disasters which are tending to the term of sustainability of life. Threats on environment might be decreased by support of governments but actually possible by volunteering of public in national and global scales. Present paper reviews the highlights about current statues of climatic changes and threats on biodiversity by summarizing some important issues. Climate-friendly management strategies are required to decrease the agricultural N2O emissions, increasing of people (especially for farmers) awareness, pay attention for sustainable agriculture systems, composting of organic wastes, support to carbon sequestration, well planned grazing of livestock, using of renewable – green and effective energy, government investments for protection of biodiversity. It is also recommended that; nature education for everyone is an important issue and essential for solving the problems. Giving information to human about the nature should be well-planned by governments and every single person should be aware the global importance of the topic.


Agronomic impacts; Biosecurity; Environmental sustainability; Global warming; Nature education

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