Determination of Some Agronomic Traits of Fresh Bean Parents and Hybrids and Their Heritability with Diallel Analysis Method

Rifat Kepildek, Ercan Ceyhan


In this study, three commercial fresh bean cultivars (SF08/03, Ribera and Java) and two pole-type fresh bean lines (Mor Toparlak and Beyaz Toparlak) were hybridized (20 hybrid combinations) in accordance with full-diallel analysis method in 2016. F1 generations and parents were grown in fully-automated plant breeding greenhouse of Selcuk University in 2017. Measurements, counts, weightings and analyses were formed to determine plant height, pod length, number of pods per plant, number of seed per pod, number of seed per plant, seed yield, hundred-seed weight, protein ratio and protein yields of the parents and hybrids. For investigated traits, diallel analysis method was employed to determine general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA), heterosis and heterobeltiosis values, broad and narrow sense heritability and correlations among the investigated traits of the parents and hybrids. For seed yield, non-additive gene effects and narrow sense heritability values were low. Heterosis and heterobeltiosis values for seed yield of F1 generation were positive. As to conclude, proper parents and hybrids to be used in further bean breading programs were identified and their agronomic traits and heredities were determined.


Diallel; analysis beans; GCA; Heredity; SCA

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