Assessment of Processing Quality Traits of Different Potato Genotypes in Konya

Nursel Çöl Keskin


This study aimed to determine the potato breeding lines that show superior processing quality traits and can be candidate variety by selection. The study was conducted according to The Randomized Plots Trial Design with four replications in 2019 and 2020 years. In the study, 26 potato breeding lines developed by Selcuk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops, and 4 registered varieties as plant material were used in the two years. The varieties and lines were done harvest in the fields and then the genotypes were evaluated according to processing quality traits. In the study; dry matter ratio (%), chips yield (%), French fries yield (%), chips, and French fries color (L*, b*) parameters were examined. Dry matter ratio, chips yield and French fries yield, and chips and French fries color values were found important statistically in terms of years, genotypes, year x genotype interactions.  Values of chips and French fries color were varied from only genotypes averages. According to two years average, results showed large variations for examined parameters; dry matter ratio changed between 16.8-20.9 %, chips yield was 34.1-51.0 %, French fries yield was 30.7-44.9 %,  chips color values (L*, b*) were 19.4-67.1, 8-44 and French fries color values (L*, b*) were 11.4-71.5, 13.5-58.2, respectively.


Chips yield; Dry matter ratio; French fries yield; Fry color; Potato line

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