Climate Change and Plant Health: A Bibliometric Analysis

Faruk Öncü, Serkan Yeşil, Kubilay Kurtuluş Baştaş


Climate change, the effects of which are becoming more evident day by day, is seen as a serious threat to sustainable agriculture. As a result of the diseases and pests being affected by climate change, it is inevitable that changes will occur in the state of plant health, which has an important place in sustainable agriculture. Evaluation and analysis of the literature is of great importance, as research and assessments focusing on the impact of climate change on plant health use current knowledge. In this study, which was carried out to contribute to the aforementioned subject, bibliometric analysis was performed on the indexed researches on climate change and plant health in the Web of Science (WoS) database according to the determined search query. Information on different subjects such as authors, countries, published journals, citations, sources used and keywords related to the studies were analyzed with the Bibliometrix package developed in R software and the data were visualized. Quantitative results were obtained on subjects such as prominent authors, journals, countries, and common keywords as a result of bibliometric analyses. According to the results, the importance of multidisciplinary studies is becoming more and more important. In addition, it is gaining popularity to benefit from technological developments in the face of changing and emerging needs in the processing of all kinds of information about climate change. This study was carried out to show that there is an alternative way to gain a general perspective on climate change-related issues in similar studies to be carried out. It is thought that these and similar bibliometric analysis studies can contribute to the execution of more successful studies, thanks to the information on different topics they provide.


bibliometric; bibliometrix; climate change; plant disease; plant health

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