Modeling of Moisture-Dependent Properties And Mineral Contents of Dry Mushroom

Mustafa Paksoy, Cevat Aydın, Önder Türkmen, Musa Seymen


In this study, mineral contents and some physical properties, important for the design of equipments for harvesting, processing, transportation, sorting, separation and packaging of white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus (Lange), were researched. Those properties were evaluated as a function of moisture content for the moisture range from 11.55 to 76.91 % dry base (d.b.) by rewetting dry white button mushrooms.

In results, the average  cap maximum and minimum diameter,  capheight, carpophoresheight, geometric mean diameter, sphericity, mass weight and  volume were obtained as 29.96, 23.12, 17.19, 30.48, 22.91 mm, 81.07 %, 1.08 g, and 2.93 cm3, respectively. The bulk density, true density and terminal velocity increased from 65.24 to 115.65 kg m-3, 375.8 to 394.6 kg m-3 and 5.77 to 8.05 m s-1 respectively. Whereas porosity and sphericity decreased from 82.64 to 70.69% and 78.39 to 74.9% under the increments of moisture content from 11.55 to 76.91 % d.b. in dry mushroom. Mathematical model were developed for the physical properties. Furthermore, mineral contents of dry mushroom such as N, P, K, Zn and Fe were 5.73 1.34, 3.54 %, 41.21 and 26.67 g kg-1, respectively.


Dry mushroom, Moisture, Physical properties, Minerals.

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