Effects of Different Fermentation Time, Packaging Color and Bag Sealing Applications on Packaged Corn Silage Quality

Muhammet Karaşahin


In this study, effects of two different fermentation times (35 and 70 days), two different packaging colors (black and white) and two different sealing (thermal sealing without vacuum in single bag and vacuum binding with clip in first bag + thermal sealing in second bag) were investigated on packaged corn silage quality. According to research results, pH values increased and flieg scores decreased as fermentation time gets longer. The crude protein values obtained from white colored bags were higher than those obtained black bags. When crude protein content is taken into consideration, white color packages should be preferred to black color packages. Due to easy transporting and "well" silage quality class packaged corn silage may be advised to be used in small scale livestock farming.


Fermentation time, packaging color, bag sealing type, silage quality

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