Some Agricultural Characteristics of the New Cephalaria syriaca Genotypes which Developed for Arid Areas

Rahim Ada, Ahmet Tamkoc


Cephalaria syriaca is one of l crops grown in arid areas as an alternative to other oilseed crops. The purpose of this study carried out to determine some agricultural features of 33 pelemir (Cephalaria syriaca) lines selected from Sivas-Turkey population. This study was conducted in research area of Selcuk University, Faculty of Agriculture. The study was made according to “Augmented Experimental Design” during the years of 2010 and 2011.

In this study, the observations were in between as fallowing range: plant height 20.0-78.0 cm, height of the first branch 3.7-18.0 cm, number of branch per plant 3.5-16.4, number of heads per plant 7.3-93.4, 1000 seed weight 11.8-16.4 g, seed yield 296.8-1191.1 kg ha-1, oil ratio 19.75-33.22 % and oil yield 75.1-588.8 kg ha-1.

Accroding to the results, the developed lines through the selection of population showed a significant achievement in terms of the seed yield and oil ratio.


Cephalariasyriaca, oil, seed, yield

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