Vol 33, No 1

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Research Papers

A Comparative Study of Crop Evapotranspiration Estimation by Three methods with Measured Crop Evapotranspiration in Konya Plain PDF
Sinan Süheri, Peter Addo Amarkai, Duran Yavuz 1-6
Improvement of Physical and Sensory Properties of Bread Containing Cereal-Legume Composite Flour PDF
Elif Yaver, Nermin Bilgiçli 7-13
Effects of Bacterial Inoculation and Molybdenum Application on Nutrient Element Content of Beans PDF
Ummahan Çetin Karaca, Emel Atmaca 14-18
Investigation of the last irrigation timing for grain corn under Konya basin conditions PDF
Çağlar Yaşar, Ramazan Topak 19-25
Determination of Cold Resistance of Buds and Flowers on Kütahya Sour Cherry Cultivar PDF
Omar Mohammed Alnuaimi, Lütfi Pırlak 26-36
Effects of high light intensity on egg weight loss, hatchability, embryonic mortality, and supply organ weight at hatch in quail hatching eggs during incubation PDF
Talha Seçim Kaya, Ali Aygün 37-41
A Study on Relationships between Various Quantitative Characteristics for Using Availability Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping PDF
Özge Şahin, Orhan Kavuncu 42-44
Determination of Population Development and Infestation Rates of Codling Moth [Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lep.: Tortricidae)] in Apple Orchards in Konya Province PDF
Dilek Aydoğdu, Levent Ünlü 45-51
Tillage Effects on Energy Use Efficiency in Safflower Production in Middle Anatolia PDF
Ergün Çıtıl, Kazım Çarman, Tamer Marakoğlu 52-61

ISSN: 2458-8377