Agronomic Characteristics of Domestic and Abroad Originated Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genotypes

Mustafa Önder, Mehmet Güçlü


Present research was realized during 2017 vegetation period according to Augmented Trial Design under Konya - Tukey ecological conditions. Yield and some agricultural characteristics of totally 100 promising bean genotypes were determined for the purposes of using on selection and hybridization breeding programs. Results of the research were ranged as following; 3,23-57,28 g for seed yield, 8,28-61,94 g for 100 seed weight 5,28-218,61 cm for plant height, 1,16-4,16 for number of main branches per plant, 2,28-60,94 for number of pods per plant, 0,82-6,16 for number of seeds per pod and 95,94-137,27 days for vegetation length. A total of 20 bean genotypes which were used as material in the study were determined as promising for the seed yield and some agricultural characteristics which may be used as genetic source for the future breeding works.


Breeding; Genetic diversity; Gremplasm; Introduction; Selection; Yield

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