Determination of Some Agricultural Characteristics in The Sunflower Geno-types Developed as Second Crop

Rahim Ada, Ahmet Tamkoc


Turkey is an insufficient country to itself by means of oil production and the country is importer clearly. For this reason, new sunflower genotypes should be developed by taking care of the existing conditions. Growing sunflower as second crop in Central Anatolian conditions is a potential to solve oil need problem. This research was conducted in the augmented experimental design in research field of Agricultural Faculty, Selcuk University, Konya-TURKEY during the both years of 2010 and 2011. In the research, 3 commercial hybrid varieties (control), 26 of pure lines (F7) and 13 hybrid variety candidates were used as material. Results of the study implicated that the new developed pure lines and hybrid variety candidates (new genotypes) showed fallowing ranges: plant height 38.0-153.0 cm, head diameter 5.0-24.0 cm, stem diameter 0.78-3.01 cm, seed yield 352.0-3345.5 kg ha-1, oil content 29.18-55.27% and oil yield 168.3-1195.6 kg ha-1. According to statistical analysis, some of the new genotypes were better than commercial hybrids in terms of seed yield, oil content and oil yield.


Oil content, second crop, seed yield, sunflower

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