Meryem Uysal, Ramazan Acar, Serpil Önder, Ahmet Şahbaz


Natural or man-made, green spaces has now taken on a new value and function, the importance of which is widely acclaimed within the parameters of sustainable development. The protection of natural balance and biodiversity are one of the most important functions of green spaces. The increasing importance of biological control against pests had also recently increased the importance of green spaces in terms of plant protection. Then, the improving of environmental conditions of local natural enemies located in the food chain is vital precaution in the biological control. Afforestation and arrangement of green space is the first and most important step to be taken in this regard.

In Konya Province of Turkey, 1-1.25 million hectares of cereal are grown in every year, and therefore it called as “Cereal store of the country”. Sunn pest (Eurygaster spp.) is the most important cereal pest in Turkey. Chemical control measures started in 1950’s have been carried out increasingly. Trissolcus spp. (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) is the most effective biological control agent to decrease the population level of the Sunn pest. However these parasitoids are generally present in Turkey, except a few parts where polyculture farming is widespread; they are insufficient to solve the problem. Thus, to increase their population and be more effective they should be supported.

It is a known fact that there are few studies on “protection and creation of green spaces in nature regarding to natural enemy-host relations” which is thought to provide great contributions to biological control of the problem. However, in near future, in terms of frame of IPM, the importance of this subject will definitely further increase

The Turkish ministry of agriculture has started national sunn pests project in 2004 to develop and dissemination of biological control.

In this study, the afforestation efforts aimed supporting IPM studies against sunn pests in Konya province are summarized. Additionally, some recommendations were developed about gren space planning and plant species which can be useful in that planning.


Konya, Turkey, Green spaces, Sunn pest

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