Vol 34, No 2

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Research Papers

The Opinions and Expactations of the Farmers on Socio-Economic Impacts of Yortanlı Dam in Bergama District of Izmir Province PDF
Betül Susam Serez, Sait Engindeniz 118-123
The Effect of Exopolysaccharide Producer Pediococcus Damnosus 2.6 and Yoghurt Starter Cultures on Ethanol Content, Some Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Oat Boza PDF
Çiğdem Konak Göktepe, Adem Elgün 124-131
The Estimation of Trypsin Inhibitor Activities in Soybean Meals Produced in Turkey PDF
Renan Şeker, Şakir Doğan Tuncer 132-136
Investigation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3 (IGFBP-3) Polymorphism in Anatolian Black and Holstein Friesian Cattle Breeds PDF
Marwan Fadhıl, İbrahim Aytekin, Uğur Zülkadir 137-140
Evaluation of Losses in Cherry Production: A Case Study of Izmir PDF
Meltem Kantaroğlu, Nevin Demirbaş 141-147
Influence of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Postharvest Quality and Chilling Injury of Tomato Harvested at Different Maturity Stages PDF
Ferhan Küçükbasmacı Sabır, Emine Gül Selçuk, Sevil Unal 148-153
Determination of Some Agronomic Traits and Their Correlation with Yield Components in Cowpea PDF
Mustafa Ceritoğlu, Murat Erman 154-161
The Effects of Malch Applications on The Seedling Quality of 110R and Fercal Grape Rootstocks PDF
Zeki Kara, Mohammed Salah Mohammednoorı Fakhar 162-168

Review Papers

Doubled Haploid Production in Cereals Using Microspore Culture PDF
Neslihan Doruk, Nejdet Kandemir, Sabri Gökmen 169-177

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